Antboy 3 on DVD and VOD

Now out on DVD and online (Cmore, iTunes and The successful ending to the Antboy trilogy about the boy Pelle who gets superpowers and turns into Antboy after being bit by a gene modified ant.

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Antboy in trouble

Summer has come to Middellund and Pelle (Oscar Dietz) and his girlfriend Ida (Amalie Kruse-Jensen) are enjoying life. Pelle’s old enemy, Albert Gæmelkrå (Nicolas Bro), better known as the flea, has been released and is working for Alicia Dufort (Paprika Steen) Exofarm’s new CEO. But not everything is as it should be and soon Antboy faces the ultimate showdown when a new superhero (Samuel Ting Graf) suddenly makes his entry.

Director Ask Hasselbalch says: – “ANTBOY 3 marks the end of the trilogy about the Danish superhero and combines the charm and humour from the first ANTBOY movie and the thrill and effects from ANTBOY 2. It will be the preliminary and final climax of a story which will feature both new characters but of course, also a lot of familiar characters some of which will reveal surprising new sides of themselves. ANTBOY 3 will combine the best from the two previous movies and thereby deliver a worthy ending to the superhero trilogy that’s been on the drawing board from the very beginning”.

The Antboy trilogy screenplays, written by Anders Ølholm, are based on the popular and critically acclaimed Danish children’s book series in six volumes by Kenneth Bøgh Andersen. The two first Antboy movies have received both Danish and international recognition and have been distributed in more than 25 territories around the world. The first movie was selected for Toronto Film Festival while the successor attended the competition at Berlin Film Festival’s Generation Plus program. Both movies received the Danish award Robert as Best Film for the Adolescent.

The cast also includes Cecilie Alstrup Tarp and Astrid Juncher-Benzon, playing the roles of Amanda and Maria, also know as The Fury, and Lærke Winther and Frank Theil as Pelle’s parents.

Lea Løbger produces ANTBOY 3 for Nimbus Film Aps in co-production with Junafilm, Norddeutscher Rundfunk NDR. The movie is financed with support from The Danish Film Institute, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Film Fyn and Attraction Distribution in cooperation with TV2 Denmark and C MORE entertainment.  SF film will distribute ANTBOY 3 nationally.