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My Robot Brother


This utopian high-tech future helps you re-imagine life on Earth: The climate crisis is solved, people live in harmony with nature and robots work as personal assistants. Nevertheless, not everything is golden glitter. School life still sucks for 12-year-old Alberte. Her old teddy bear-like android Robbi is quite an embarrassment to her. With the perfect birthday present – the newest model of humanoids that is not even on the market – everything seems to change. The new robot Konrad looks and acts completely as if he were human and suddenly Alberte’s popularity spikes as she is now the kid with the most advanced technology at school. But can the connection between Alberte and Konrad hold up to a real friendship?


Director: Frederik Nørgaard  

Producer:  Jasmine Hermann Naghizadeh   Marie Holck  

Manus: Frederik Meldal Nørgaard

Cast: Selma Iljazovski, Philip Elbech Andresen, Lars Brygmann, Kristian Holm Joensen

Release: February 10, 2022

Status: Cinemas

Genre: Familiefilm, Sci-Fi

Language: Dansk

Format: Color

Salesagent: Sola Media  




March 02, 2022