Nimbus Film was established in 1993 by Birgitte Hald and Bo Ehrhardt, both with an education as producers from the National Film School of Denmark.

Nimbus was a prominent company behind the Danish new-wave in the 90’s with the Dogma films and has since stayed on the course as an innovative, youthful, and creative production company with several movies, co-productions and tv-shows every year.
In 2019 the French company Newen bought a stake in Nimbus Film, strengthening our company as well as our international network.

We only produce fiction that has something to say, but are always looking for new and exciting projects, as well as new talent.

All of our projects are created in close cooperation between producers, scriptwriters and directors. We strive to make entertaining but thought-provoking films.

Our producer group consists of Birgitte Hald (CEO), Bo Ehrhardt (partner), Jonas Frederiksen, Live Rørnæs Hide, Jasmine Hermann Naghizadeh, Julie Carla Mortensen, Lars Sund Duus, Emilia Leonora Imperatore Bjørnvad and Anne Hørlyck. Beyond that we have producer trainees, including Marie Holck, Clara Rasmussen and Sofie Sandgreen – as well as a team of interns from different educational backgrounds.

Nimbus Films finance department is run by Kim Vestergaard, with our accountant Cecilie Damgaard, our legal department is run by lawyer Steen Gori, and Claus Thobo-Carlsen is our head of management and oversees the daily operations.

Our catalogue today consists of over 50 films, including internationally recognized iconic movies such as FESTEN and the TV show BROEN.You can see a list of all our productions here, as well as links to where you can watch them.

Nimbus Film is located in B!NGS on Vesterbro and employs approximately 15-20 permanent staff. We are always interested in new talent and ideas for film productions, so for more information on how to contact us, please see below.

Nimbus Film adhere to the Danish Media Industry’s common codex against sexual violations.

At our workplace both leaders, work environment representatives and employees care to secure a good working environment, where differences and diversity is a gain for the workplace. It has to be safe going to work and with room for everyone – that starts and ends with good behaviour.

In the professional social and community at our workplace, we care to treat everyone equal, and we don’t tolerate sexual abuse or any other kind of physical or psychological harassment of our employees – neither between bosses and employees or colleagues, freelancers, crew or cast in general.

We have equality between genders and value diversity and minorities, and we wish to reflect this in a respectful tone. Here, sexual and racial violation is not part of the culture. Therefore, we have transparent and clear procedures for where and who you safely can address to, whether someone has been exposed to or witnessed violations being done to others.


Through our trainee program SCOOTER, we continually educate new aspiring producers, just as we through the talent program TALENT DATING attempt to match experienced directors with new writers and stories. Furthermore, we employ interns from both universities and job centres, just as the short film medium is used to teach young talents the routine, which helps secure that new talent continues to thrive in Danish cinema.

Nimbus FAQ

Nimbus Film is an independent production company, which in 1993 was established on Nørrebro in Copenhagen. Having been located for a number of years in Filmbyen Avedøre, and on Hauchsvej 17 in Frederiksberg, Nimbus Film is once again to be found in the Inner Copenhagen, now with permanent address in the former porcelain factory B!NGS on Vesterbrogade 149, Copenhagen V.

In 1995, Lars von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg, Søren Kragh-Jacbosen, and Kristian Levring wrote Dogma95. See certificate ( The Danish New Wave focused on story and acting, and helped put Danish cinema on the world map. Nimbus Film has produced four Dogma Films: FESTEN, MIFUNE, KIRA’S REASON – A LOVE STORY, and OLD, NEW, BORROWED AND BLUE.


We have a two-year trainee service for assistants to the producers (the Scooter programme).


Each semester, we offer internships to students in different branches of film production, such as assistant to producers, reader, multimedia assistant. Company internships are offered according to agreements with job centres. Unfortunately, we do not offer apprenticeships or work experience to students at primary schools.


Danish cinema is in need of plenty of new film talent. At Nimbus film, we endeavour to consider all unsolicited material we receive. Call us for more information.

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