“Our Man in America”, directed by Christina Rosendahl and starring Ulrich Thomsen & Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, begins production

Director Christina Rosendahl will soon commence shooting the World War II drama “Our Man in America”, a fascinating and dramatic story of the resistance fight the Danish ambassador to America, Henrik Kauffman, fought during the war. Ulrich Thomsen stars as Henrik Kauffmann and Mikkel Boe Følsgaard plays his close coworker, the diplomat Povl Bang-Jensen.

On April 9th 1940 Nazi Germany attacks Denmark with a demand of instant and unconditional surrender. The government surrenders within hours and starts cooperating with the Nazis. But on the other side of the Atlantic we find the Danish ambassador to America, daredevil and man of the world, Henrik Kauffman, who is willing to risk everything. He refuses to bow down to the German demands and instead initiates a rebellious plan to defeat Hitler and return liberty to the Danish people.

Christina Rosendahl says, “Henrik Kauffmann is a wild, courageous, and surprising character. A political rebel who decides to go his own way at a very dangerous time for Denmark. His lone effort fascinates me deeply. His drive and his lack of compromise. He created extraordinary results, but the price was high. I look very much forward to sharing the story of Henrik Kauffmann with the rest of the world”.

“Our Man in America” commences shooting on April 8th in Hungary and Denmark. It will be in cinemas in the Spring of 2020 – a year which also marks the 75th anniversary of Denmark’s liberation.