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Thomas, a teenager, and his mother are constantly moving. Arriving one day in a new town Thomas meets Helene and Jonas. He immediately falls in love with Helene, and Jonas, a classmate, becomes his best friend. The future seems bright and promising for Thomas and his mother, but their past soon catches up with them. Thomas is faced with a choice: keep hiding and running forever or stay and take up the fight.


Director: 8   2   2   2     L     p   c   c     l       2   2     0   h   0   d     0   8  

Producer:  Bo Ehrhardt   Sidsel Kron Breck  

Manus: Stefan Jaworski, Linda Krogsøe Holmberg

Cast: Frederik Paarup, Julie Carlsen, Anders W. Berthelsen og Sara Olsen

Release: February 6, 2004

Status: Bluray / DVD / VOD

Genre: Drama, Ungdomsfilm

Language: Dansk

Format: 35 mm farve/1.77:1