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Above the Street, Below the Water


This is the day when the lives of an intertwined group of people take a new direction. Everything they have taken for granted starts to change. While Anne and Ask´s relationship succumbs to ´metal fatigue´, Charlotte has to realise that her husband Carl may not be right for her. At the same time Bente has to decide if she is prepared to wait forever for her lover, while her ex-husband Bjørn must face the pain of finally letting Bente go. The characters and their children are twirled around in an ever-increasing drama which peaks during the opening night of Hamlet. Anne is on stage as Ophelia, and the question remains: to be or not be responsible for one´s own happiness.


Director: 6   2   2   2     C     p   c   c     c       2   2     0   h   0   d     0   6  

Producer:  Bo Ehrhardt   Lars Bredo Rahbek  

Manus: Yaba Holst og Charlotte Sieling

Cast: Sidse Babett Knudsen, Nicolas Bro, Ellen Hillingsø og Anders W. Berthelsen

Release: October 23, 2009

Status: Bluray / DVD / VOD

Genre: Drama, Komedie

Language: Dansk

Format: 2,35:1 Dolby digital stereo