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Where Were You?


16-year-old Louises life is turned upside down when her best friend Monica is raped at their high school by an unknown offender. Louise is determined to bring the rapist to justice, but things get complicated when it turns out that it might be Thais, whom she secretly loves.

The series is a moving and suspenseful portrait of a time in life when friendships, sex, social background, and future dreams mean everything. It depicts how a crime affects a group of friends and their school, how rumours travel to devastating effect, and a reminder that you don’t always get to choose when it’s time to grow up.


Director: Nils Holst-Jensen  

Producer:  Live Hide  

Manus: Julie Budtz Sørensen

Cast: Filippa Navarana Coster-Waldau, Maja Ida Thiele, Jack Depaiva Pedersen, Vilmer Trier Brøgger, Hans Christian Lønstrup, Boy Ewald, Abdullah Ayman

Release: August 21, 2022


Genre: Crime meets Coming-of-Age

Language: Dansk