Birgitte Hald

CEO and partner

Birgitte Hald graduated as producer from The National Film School of Denmark in 1993.

She is co-founder of Nimbus Film and head of production on all the films the company produces. She is in charge of developing new projects and creative concepts.

Birgitte has produced a number of award winning features, among them Thomas Vinterberg’s  THE CELEBRATION, Søren Kragh-Jacobsen’s MIFUNE and Natasha Arthy’s OLD, NEW, BORROWED AND BLUE.



Antboy (producer) 2012

You & Me Forever (executive producer) 2011

Superclásico (executive producer) 2010

Eksperimentet (executive producer) 2010

Submarino (executive producer) 2009

Over gaden under vandet (executive producer) 2009

Camping (executive producer) 2009

De fantastiske 3 (Short) (executive producer) 2009

Bobby (executive producer) 2009

Sorte kugler (executive producer) 2009

Får (Short) (producer) 2009

Sol skin (Short) (producer) 2009

Flugten (executive producer) 2008

Flammen & Citronen (executive producer) 2007

Fighter (executive producer) 2007

Hvid nat (executive producer) 2007

Cecilie (executive producer) 2006

Istedgade (executive producer) 2006

Sophie (Short) (executive producer) 2006

Liv (executive producer) 2006

En soap (executive producer) 2005

Nordkraft (producer) 2004

Dear Wendy (executive producer) 2004

Kongekabale (executive producer) 2003

Skagerrak (executive producer) 2003

Se til venstre, der er en svensker (producer) 2003

It’s All About Love (producer) 2000

Mirakel (producer) 2000

Max (producer) 1999

Mifunes sidste sang (producer) 1998

Festen (producer) 1996

De største helte (producer) 1995

Menneskedyret (producer) 1995



September 10, 2013

Even before Nimbus’ upcoming superhero film ANTBOY had had its world premiere it has been sold for U.S. distribution.