Today Nimbus Film has signed a deal with Newen, a subsidiary company of the European media group TF1. The partnership will ensure Nimbus Film a strategic collaboration with the international companies of the Newen group and will thus strengthen the possibilities and position of the Danish company in regard to development, production and distribution of both film and television series.


The owners of Nimbus Film, Bo Ehrhardt and Birgitte Hald, state:

We very much look forward to the future collaboration. For Nimbus Film the partnership with Newen gives us the opportunity to strengthen and expand our development of film and television series. With Newen we have found a partner who shares our values and vision on how to produce local content for a global market. Furthermore, it has been important to us that Newen is interested in supporting Nimbus in its current form with freedom to continuously act as an independent production company.”

The founders of Nimbus Film, Birgitte Hald and Bo Ehrhardt, will continue to be majority owners of the company and control its daily management.

The media group Newen is one of Europe’s leading producers and distributors of film and television content. With headquarters in Paris, France, (Capa, 17 juin, Telfrance, Production Valley and Blue spirit) and four production companies based in Amsterdam (Tuvalu, Column, CCCP and Pupkin), and with an international format exchange network (Newen Network) with partners in Canada, Germany and The Netherlands, Newen is now also gaining access to the Nordic Market.

Romain Bessi, managing director of Newen, states:

”Given that our goal is to expand our footprint in dynamic, creative markets and access new formats and talents, we had to go to Denmark, where it quickly became obvious that we had to partner with Nimbus. Bo and Birgitte have created a great company that has brought to the world wonderful films and TV series and has great values. We share these values, so we felt like it was the right time for both of us to work together. We will bring Nimbus access to more resources, to our distribution team, to our formats and connections with our family, and this has already started since several appealing projects are under way.”

It is the trademark of Nimbus Film, as a provider of audio-visual fiction in world-class that caught Newen’s interest. Latest with productions like the television series THE BRIDGE and the film series ANTBOY, which have both gained international distribution. Actually, Nimbus Film has already begun collaboration with the Newen company Blue Spirit in implementing ANTBOY as an animated TV series with an international, young audience in mind. Newen is furthermore the international sales agent on Nimbus Film’s two upcoming television series.

For further questions please contact Nimbus Film, CEO Birgitte Hald.