Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality is according to all predictions going to explode in the following years. What opportunities and challenges does that create for the film industry?

To explore this further Nimbus Film initiated a big event in collaboration with Aalborg University Copenhagen and Dare Disrupt with the title: DISRUPTING THE FILM INDUSTRY WITH VR (from the 20th till the 26th of March).

Jannick B. Pedersen, multientrepreneur and Chairman of the Board of Dare Disrupt: “Digital technological possibilities is evolving exponentially. Most companies only start to understand the advances when they’ve already been left behind. But the NIMBUS FILM VR STUDENT CHALLENGE creates the opportunity to form new partnerships between competent young people who uses the latest media and technology with an established, successful and innovative production company within the film industry.”

CEO Birgitte Hald, Nimbus Film: “NIMBUS FILM STUDENT CHALLENGE” has given us inspiration that we will utilize in our further work – both in regards to producing films and tv series and in our marketing. The event has been a big success – for the participants and the partners involved – so we will now consider how to continue our collaborations with Aalborg University and Dare Disrupt.”

VR Challenge 17 2. pladsen VR-iD
2nd place: VR-iD


Last week 50 students from 9 different fields of study was presented with seminars, workshops and has worked together on developing ideas and business models of hybrids between film and VR. The week-long hackathon was facilitated in Aalborg University in Sydhavnen, Copenhagen, where the participant had access to feedback, equipment and classrooms to work in.

The participant have themselves teamed up across the educational institutions such as AAU, DMJX, ITU, DTU, KU, CBS, KEA and the Danish Filmschool. Endless ideas have been discussed during this intense week where they had to present their pitch on the last day.

Late Sunday afternoon a professional jury could announce the winning team who presented a concept where a tv-series is mixed with augmented reality. The two runner ups came up with ideas for how to use mixed reality in marketing – one of them with the help from neurofeedback technology.

The professional jury consisted of CEO Birgitte Hald and producer and co-owner Bo Ehrhardt (NIMBUS FILM), CEO Simon Lajboschitz (KHORA), Head of DADIU Simon Jon Andreasen, Chairman of the board Jannick B. Pedersen (DARE DISRUPT) and professors Henrik Schønau Fog, Lars Reng, Niels Christian Nillson and Rolf Nordahl (AAU).

VR Challenge 17 3. pladsen De frie radiklaer
3rd place: The Free Radicals

The winner: “Straight Out of Pre-Comp” consist of Oliver Larsen, David Albrecht Kvien, Caroline Kjellberg, Joshua Chronsted Englar and Hans Christian Cabrillos Jacob who all have won the opportunity to create a pilot of their concept with some professional aid. Atypical of the other teams the winners only consisted of members from the same field of study (DMJX) and was primarily men whereas women has been 1/3 of the participants over all.

NIMBUS FILM VR STUDENT CHALLENGE 2017 were arranged in collaboration with Jannick B. Pedersen from Dare Disrupt and professor Henrik Schønau Fog and associate professor Lars Reng from Center For Applied Game Research (CEAGAR), Medialogy and Samsung Media Innovation Lab for Education (SMILE) from Aalborg University.


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