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A contemporary, poetic comedy about two drifters, Scottish Sofie and her Danish friend, Marie. Persuaded to be a surrogate mother so that the Earl of Brikling Hall can have his heir, Marie finds herself in a rundown car mechanic´s garage in Glasgow, where she is in pursuit of Sofie´s former partner. But three men have sinister designs on her money and the man she falls in love with is not who he pretends to be. In this dramatic, witty and moving story of a woman in chaos, Marie has one aim in sight; she wants to abort, but some children just won´t take no for an answer.


Director: 6   1   2   2     S     p   c   c     s       2   2     0   h   0   d     0   6  

Producer:  Bo Ehrhardt   Lars Bredo Rahbek  

Manus: Kim Fupz Aakeson

Cast: Iben Hjejle, Bronagh Gallagher, Martin Henderson, Ewen Bremner og Gary Lewis

Release: March 14, 2003

Status: Bluray / DVD / VOD

Genre: Drama

Language: Engelsk

Format: 2910 meter 35 mm Cinemascope farve Dolby digital stereo