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Jed and Chloe are in their early 20’s, they are retarded and live a very simple life in the city. They love each other, find happiness in the smallest things and plan to get married. One day an accident triggers inconsolable sadness and a deep confusion in the meaning of life for both Jed and Chloe. Chloe’s tears keep her home but Jed begins a stubborn search for the meaning of life, hoping he can bring back Chloe’s smile and their happiness together. Alone one night he sees a tramp, Max, on TV whom he believes may hold the key. Jed visits him in the city dump. The awkward duo starts a journey that unexpectedly brings newfound hope to both men and Chloe.


Director: 1   1   2   2     F     p   c   c     f       2   2     0   h   0   d     0   1  

Producer:  Bo Ehrhardt   Meta Louise Foldager  

Manus: Skúli Fr. Malmquist og Thor Sigurjonsson

Cast: Martin Compston, Gary Lewis, Kerry Fox og Peter Capaldi.

Release: September 16, 2005

Status: Bluray / DVD / VOD

Genre: Drama

Language: Engelsk

Format: 35 mm DTS