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In the setting of modern urban Stockholm Erika is part of the upper middle class. Owner of her own apartment, a healthy relationship, a healthy social life and a solid higher range income from her daily work as an interior decorator. The timing is perfect. She is ready for the next step in life. A step that will take her far away from everything she knows. A step into obscurity. Mentally bruised Erika starts group therapy and enters a new world with new acquaintances. A group that has it’s own mind and method on how to deal with the anxieties and joy of life. In the pursuit of a life-changing adventure, the group seeks a place of absolute anonymity. A place where they may re-boot their personas and start anew. They scream ‘Fuck Freud!’ and start checking into hotels.



Producer:  Bo Ehrhardt   Mikkel Jersin  

Manus: Lisa Langseth

Cast: Alicia Vikander, David Dencik, Simon J Berger, Anna Bjelkerud m.fl.

Release: April 16, 2014

Status: Bluray / DVD / VOD

Genre: Drama

Language: Svensk

Format: 90 min/1.85:1/Color/Dolby