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The Great Bird Race


THE GREAT BIRD RACE is a childrenss comedy, about relationship between a father and a son. A young boy´s desperate attempt to prove himself to his father leaves him in despair and drives him to cheat in the chase for the unconditional love of his father. Director Christian Dyekjær manages to create a great comedy with a lot of heart.

Victor and his father, Jesper, love birds. Along with a lot of other families, they participate in the annual bird hunt, where they have to spot and photograph the rarest bird. Victor does not have that many friends and is always loses, but he wants to win this year because his worst competitor, Daniel, has broken his leg. All bodes well for Victor, right up until Daniel suddenly appears and immediately takes the lead – even though his leg is in a cast. In a panic Victor decides to do something he shouldn’t do, and a little bit of tinkering evolves into a mega scandal.

Victor is in big trouble, but very surprisingly, he gets help from Daniel, and together the two boys find a way out of this year’s bird hunt without anyone losing face.


Director: Christian Dyekjær  

Producer:  Anders Toft Andersen   Maja Dyekjær Giese  

Manus: Christian Dyekjær og Mette Damgaard-Sørensen

Cast: Oliver Methling Søndergaard, Georg Hvidtfeldt Treschow, Nicoline Sharma Rubow og Lars Brygmann

Release: June 7, 2012

Status: Bluray / DVD / VOD

Genre: Komedie/Drama

Language: Dansk