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The Experiment


THE EXPERIMENT is the story of the nurse Gert (Ellen Hillingsø), who is appointed as headmistress of a special children’s home, owned by the Danish state in Greenland, 1951. The children’s home is intended to accommodate 16 carefully selected Greenlandic children, who have just come home after a year of civilization in Denmark, and now they are to be introduced into the Greenlandic community as role models. Gert, who lives alone and has no family, accepts the assignment with pride. She is idealistic and ambitious and feels passionate about saving Greenland from destitution. The means to this end is to educate and civilize the 16 children in the Danish language and culture, so they can spearhead Greenland’s transformation from being a poor hunter society to being an equal part of Denmark. Due to her blind faith in the experiment, Gert underestimates the obvious personal costs to the children. And when the children as well as the Danish state fail her, she finds it harder and harder to maintain her idealism


Director: Louise Friedberg  

Producer:  Birgitte Skov   Signe Leick Jensen  

Manus: Louise Friedberg og Rikke de Fine Licht

Cast: Ellen Hillingsø, Morten Grunwald, Laura Skaarup Jensen og Kurt Ravn

Release: September 9, 2010

Status: Bluray / DVD / VOD

Genre: Drama

Language: Grønlandsk

Format: 2.35:1/Color